Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Quiz from

sports quiz
1) who is my favorite player in the NFC east besides redskin players
eli manning
terrell owens
brian westbrook
none of the above

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Quiz from

football stars
1) who was a football hall of famer who won dancing with the stars
bo jackson
barry saunders
joe montana
emmit smith

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hey peeps

hey peeps boomin wit da jdawg. today's team in football is a team that has a great offense defense can use a little more work but whatever and this team is the arizona cardinals.this team has an allstar QB people think he could be MVP i don't think that but whatever that is kurt warner and at the receiving station you got larry fitz you got boldin and breaston and you got leonard pope. and then at the running game you got eddrgin james he's washed up but then you got youngster hightower. good team there going to win the division it just matters how their going to finish in the playoffs. this is the end. see ya later

Sunday, November 9, 2008

jdawg with week 10 in da nfl

Hey'all it's time for boomin with the jdawg. know today i'm going to say who to watch who to bench and game of the week maybe other stuff i don't know. game of the week this i think it is i have 2 but the best one is giants eagles. this game is a NFC east showdown because the eagles need this win to stay alive in the division or wildcard race on the other hand the giants just want to keep on making space to make almost definet that the division is there's. number 1 key for the giants stop the run who knows what westbrook is going to do today and also get pressure on mcnabb. eagles keys 1 get pressure on eli and stop the run. other game of the day is patriots bills. this is an AFC east showdown.who ever wins this game has a really good shot at the division. who knows if the jets are going to beat the rams. i think the dolphins could also loose today the seahawks did really well against the 49ers maybe they can bring that magic back this week. okey dokey know it's time for score predictions.1 we all know broncos 34 browns 30 2 NO 42 ATL 35 3 TENN 35 CHI 21 4 jac 28 det 14 5 bal 28 texans 35 6 mia 21 sea 28 7 min 42 GB 28 8 buf 27 NE 10 9 STL 17 jets 10 10 car 38 oak 3 11 ind 13 pit 41 12 KC 16 SD 24 13 NYG 41 PHI 34 AND MONDAY NIGHT ARI 42 49ers 13 tihs is it for boomin withy the jdawg see ya

Thursday, November 6, 2008

hello football

hi peoples it's time for football now we speak about a team that everyone thought was going to be amazing but aren't really good and i think they should be better to and that team is the vikings. the thing that i don't understand is that offense QB gus frerotte i mean he's good for now but then tight end vinsinthe shiancoe okay recievers bernard berrian bobby wade i mean there good RB chester taylor is okay but then you have the amazing adrian peterson. and on defense you know kevin and ole pat williams darren sharper and then got jared allen. this team looks good to me.but whatever let's see what happens. see ya wit boomin wit da jdawg

boomin wit da jdawg basketball time

hey ya'll now since it's basketball season i am going to switch with basketball and football blogs. today's basketball team is the defending champs the boston celtics. this tem didn't do that much in the offseason lost james posey but then didn't do that much. this team not only has the the big three (i call them the boston three party) but has god young rajon rondo and kendrick perkins. also on the bench they have eddie house glen davis tony allen brian scalibrine scott pollard. and so on. i think paul pierce is the best of the boston three party. see ya later with boomin wit da jdawg

Friday, October 31, 2008

hello people time for some football wit da jdawg

hello guy time for more boomin sports with know who the JDAWG presented by jdawg of course who else. today's team is a team that i getting better but still bad and that team is the texans. it's weird if you look at it because it looks like it is a hurricane IKE miracle i mean not because of the hurricane like not because the people died and all that stuff but because they have been losing all there games before it and then after ike they have been doing good. the texans have the most underrated player in football and when i say underrated i mean UNDERRATED!. and that guy is andre johnson. he is just so good and nobody shows it. they also have a really good young running back steve slaton. and also they have owen daniels he is okay and matt shaub can somtimes have a really good game. i tihnk they lost to the colts only because of how much garbage sage rosenfelds did in that game sage rosenfelds put in so much garbage not 1 garbage can but it would probably fill 2 garbage cans. i am done for now see ya next time with boomin sports with the jdawg p.s. next blog is on basketball.